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Security, Safety And Protection Your Local Alarm Company

Walk away from your home and know that you’re protected.

Family walking with sun backliteAcme Alarm Company has provided life safety solutions for your home and family here on the Western Slope since 1998.  We want our friends and neighbors to feel safe at home and while away from home.  There are many national alarm companies selling product to people across the nation, but they really aren’t here for you.  We believe we can take care of you and your family because we are here, living and participating in our community with you.

When a fire ravished our local bowling alley, Acme Alarm Company, provided a fire alarm system so they could open their doors.  When the museum was broken into, Acme Alarm Company provided a new alarm system to protect our historic artifacts.   When our children needed a new level of play for baseball, Acme Alarm Company provided resources to help the valley start a new athletic program that continues to grow.  We are here to stay and look forward to another 17 years providing security, safety and protection as your local alarm company.

Thank you for all the support through the years.

Warmest Regards,

Clint and Jennifer Bartels Acme Alarm Company

How fast can a Christmas Tree Burn? Watch this video to see.

Happy Holidays…

This is just a reminder that dry Christmas trees burn just as fast today as they did back in 2007 when the National Fire Protection Association created their you tube video of the burning Christmas trees.  It is always fascinating to see how fast those darn things can burn.  Watch your clock and time this burn.