This pull station is outdated and needs to be replaced: BG-10.

BG-10 Pull Stations Need to be Removed due to Failure

Honeywell Fire Systems has identified an issue that could affect the normal operation of BG-10 series pull stations manufactured from 1992-2010 and distributed under multiple brands including ADT, Fire-Lite Alarm, Johnson Control Inc, and NOTIFIER.  The majority of the pull stations were manufactured from 1992-2000.  For a list of potentially affected pull station model numbers and the recommended BG-12 series replacement model numbers, please review the table at the following website. The issue is related to the seal installed around the alarm switch, which can deteriorate over time preventing the switch from signaling an alarm when the pull station is activated. All products have a finite service life and while there is no industry standard for replacement intervals for pull stations, mechanical devices are not intended to be in service indefinitely.  Replacement of BG-10 series pull stations is highly recommended.  Please contact Acme Alarm Company if you are in our service area for assistance with determining if your pull stations are affected, 970-625-5535.